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Special, Affordable Jewelry December 1, 2008

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I am picky about jewelry. I don’t like anything overly flashy or too large, but it’s hard to define what I like. Something that is slightly different, yet will work with a lot of different outfits.
A strand of pearls works well with many kinds of outfits: a button down, a strapless dress, a turtleneck, etc. I found this unique twist on a pearl necklace recently from Simple Element’s Design. By having just 5 pearls off a chain, it’s simple and perhaps more ‘fun’ than usual. I think the drape of the pearls is quite elegant.

I also really like this turquoise necklace. It is a stunning color! Double strands frequently feel too heavy or bulky to me/on me, so I like the way this necklace is a modified double-strand. It won’t weigh down the neck, but still has the nice effect of a double loop.


Warm Scarves November 24, 2008

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It is chilly chilly chilly out! I was browsing online for scarves and looked up a few that I’ve seen in person and loved, and a few new finds.

First of all, it’s incredibly hard to find a picture of any of Club Monaco’s ANYTHING!, but after much searching I did find a picture of their ‘Cashmere Sadie Scarf/Pashmina’.

The picture doesn’t do it justice. I love the polka dots, but it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It’s warm and ‘whispy’: if you knotted it around your neck you would be quite warm, but if you chose to wear it as a shawl over a dress, it’s slightly translucent, which I think would be a classy effect.

This weekend I saw Kate Spade’s ‘wiener dog’ scarf. If I knew someone with a dachshund (or if I had one), this would be an immediate purchase. It’s great—obviously warm and not at all bulky!  The way the dog’s face and body stretches around the scarf is fun, not campy.


Then in my typical Etsy search, I found a couple winners! I’ve never been a huge fan of the ‘scarflette’, but this one from Holladay’s Etsy shop looks warm, comforting, and convenient for those days when you don’t want to deal with stuffing your scarf under your coat.


I also found this warm cashmere scarf from Adventures of Jr.’s shop. The pattern wouldn’t work for every coat or outfit, but I could see it working well with a green or brown peacoat, or a heavy trench.



Kate Spade Fun November 16, 2008

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Kate Spade’s line of bags, stationary, shoes, frames (etc) is consistently clean, crisp, and classic.

The colors and the lines of her bags are exceptionally wonderful (except for an animal print stage); the stationary is cute and modern.  Here are a few of my current favorite bags and designs.

Flapper-esque Cloche

Flapper-esque Cloche

perfect for a weekend or as an every day bag

London Baylor Bag: perfect for a weekend or as an every day bag

roomy and functional

Savona Dillen bag: a wonderful, trendy work bag: roomy and functional


A trendy diaper/baby bag: whoohoo!


Fun Political Items November 4, 2008

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In honor of Election Day, here are a few fun political finds:

Scarves from Echo Design:

Donkey Scarf

Donkey Scarf

Close up of Elephant Scarf

Close up of Elephant Scarf

Elephant Bib from NinaBina’s Etsy Shop:


Obama Post Earrings from BeachMama’s Etsy Shop:


Donkey and Elephant Brass Figurines from Design Within Reach:



Happy Halloween! Etsy Finds November 1, 2008

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A selection of fun Fall finds from Etsy. From pinklilypress‘ Etsy shop:  pumpkin notecards! From photographer Rob Eastman, a stunning capture of fall leaves on a winding road (in Georgia): I thought this was an amusing, Halloween appropriate, t-shirt:  Ben Franklinstein, from Mis Nopales Art Happy Halloween, Happy Fall…onto  Thanksgiving!!


Sunhee Moon October 22, 2008

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This post is LONG overdue.

Way back in March when we were in San Francisco wandering around the Pacific Heights neighborhood, we went into Sunhee Moon, a store with 4 locations in San Francisco.  I think I went into the store because of a fantastic shirt dress I saw from the window.  Anyways, once I went in, I liked nearly everything.  The clothes are simple and classic, which I prefer, with one funky/different element thrown in, be it a belt, the neck line, etc.

I was on their website today and I still love all of their shirt dresses, especially this one, with the great belt!

The website is fun to explore:  they have both a sketch book and a blog.


Mann Made Designs October 12, 2008

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I’ve been meaning to post about Mann Made Designs for awhile, as I own several pieces of his jewelry and keep on bumping into his booth wherever I go:  Arts on Foot, Crafty Bastards, and of course Eastern Market.

His work caught my eye when I moved to DC and went to Eastern Market for the first time.  It’s very modern and unique:  his jewelry is different without being overwhelming.  He makes his necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc, in such a variety of colors that it’s hard not to find a piece that you either like or would go perfectly with ‘that outfit’.

Several of his designs that I especially like are these earrings:

And this necklace: