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Crafty Bastards ‘Finds’ September 29, 2008

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We braved the elements on Sunday and headed over to Adams Morgan to Crafty Bastards.  The weather was pure hell:  alternating between sunburn sunny and monsoon like conditions.  Despite THAT, we found some wonderful things, which I’ll link to.

I picked up a pair of earrings from Face Metal Design.  Their website doesn’t seem to be completely up and ready yet unfortunately.

I fell in love with this particular store:  Charlie and Sarah.  It’s a really cool British preppy fusion thing:  their t-shirts, note cards and totes are great and full of those lovely British words:  wellies, pram, lolly, brolly.  I will be purchasing a few things from their Etsy site I think 🙂

My fiancee enjoyed the t-shirts from Squidfire and picked up a few.

Please note:  the model is not my fiancee 😀


West Elm Gallery Frames September 27, 2008

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My fiancee and I recently discovered West Elm picture frames.  Which sounds kind of silly, because we both love West Elm products, but we had never purchased frames from there, thinking they’d be too expensive.

Hardly–they are cheap (as cheap as Le Target) and stylish (Pottery Barn-esque).  We have purchased 5 and we’ve done a little bit of redecorating in our apartment, using our own pictures from various trips.

We are (and our budget is) incredibly happy with the results!  The frame and matting are sleek and affordable.

Here is the link to West Elm’s frames.

Here are a few pictures of OUR West Elm Frames:


Thank you for Being So Dear September 25, 2008

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A wonderful thank you card from Ink and Wit (which is a delightful card designer specializing in creative cards, using sustainable materials!):

I like how the deer, with their fragile legs, are looking longingly in the distance.  I also think the layout, with the bigger yellow deer in the front and a random, but visually pleasing arrangement of smaller deer, is well-done!

I’d be happy to get this for as a thank you card.


Amazing Interiors September 24, 2008

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I clicked on this link off of Design Sponge and I’m in love with every room in this house.  It is Kelly Osborne’s house (not THE Kelly Osborne, thank goodness, but rather the owner of ‘See Jane Work’, a fantastic office design and organization shop/website.)

Take a look!

I love the green and brown elements in the living room, as well as the fantastic wall art and built-ins.  The bathroom tiling is incredibly well done and the kitchen looks peaceful and effortless:  cooking would be a dream!


Adorable Pillow September 23, 2008

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This pillow is SO cute.  It’s from Fawn and Forest, which is primarily an eco-friendly baby and children’s products store.  I don’t have kids yet (or anytime soon), but I am very impressed with the wealth and creativity of well-designed and functional baby products/decorations/toys that is available.

I think the pillows and some of the wall art and rugs are great for grown ups too.  They also sell a pillow like this, but with giraffes.


J. Crew’s latest September 22, 2008

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I got the latest J Crew catalogue in the mail today-always an exciting thing and usually equals at least 10 minutes of me sitting on the couch, happily flipping through.  I like a lot of their new stuff, especially this shawl-collared cardigan and peacoat.

I’d recommend going on their website to get more detailed views of each.  Money is a wee bit tight, but I’m hoping to save enough to at least get the sweater.  But if not, they are great nonetheless!


Timothy Paul Bedding and Home September 20, 2008

We spent today wandering around the Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, and U Street corridor.  Everytime we go into that part of DC, we ALWAYS say: ‘oooh I wish we lived here’.  If only it wasn’t so pricey.  It has a lot of what I’m looking for in terms of a neighborhood:  old architecture, tree-lined streets, great restaurants, interesting stores, and accessibility to multiple neighborhoods and public transportation.  Not to mention a wonderful variety of people.

Anyways, ‘interesting stores’ is the topic of my post tonight.  We stopped into ‘Timothy Paul Bedding and Home’ today.  Their website isn’t fully up yet, so one can’t get a good idea of their products. But, the designs and quality of their bedding (duvet covers and pillows!), rugs, and furniture was pretty spectacular.  We saw at least 2 duvet covers we wanted and a rustic kitchen table.  I’ll link up to a decent picture I found of the store and to the store’s website, because ideally it will be up and running soon.