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Teaism October 29, 2008

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Ahh, Teaism.  I love the idea of going to a ‘tea house’ that has a wonderful selection of quality tea (and food) and sitting down and chatting, without being worried about LOUD starbucks-y music or huge lines.  DC has a place just like this and that place is the subject 🙂

I especially like the Dupont Circle location:  it is 2 stories and full of wonderful smells, a fantastic selection of tea (to buy and drink) and tea-related drinks, as well as a creative menu of food.  I smelled and saw some absolutely incredible looking snowpea stir fry tonight!  Teaism is also home to some of the most comforting Chai-Tea I’ve ever tasted:  it’s really warming and soothing.

Selection of Tea products/tea pots

Selection of Tea products/tea pots


Etsy Find October 27, 2008

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I like the stationary and calling cards from Avie’s Etsy Shop, especially anything with the orange mums on it: bookplates, calling cards, and stationary. The lines are crisp and the colors are vibrant.


Charlottesville, VA October 26, 2008

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We took a day trip down to Charlottesville yesterday.  Despite the pouring rain (which finally let up around 4 pm!) we had a wonderful time!


Charlottesville is a wonderful gem in mid-state Virginia, home to UVA, a gorgeous walking street, and nestled amongst stunning mountain vistas, that contain both Montpelier and Monticello, as well as
numerous hiking trails and wineries.  We just did a day trip, so we wandered around the campus and the walking street, with plans to go back for a longer amount of time in the spring.

I hadn’t been to the town in awhile and it was wonderful to pop into stores that I remembered and new stores too.

Some of my favorites include:

1)  Feast:  an organic market, flower shop, kitchen store, and restaurant (Orzo) that has a spectacular selection of wines and farm to table foods.  We picked up some olive oil and a few kitchen goods.  It has a nice, peaceful market feel to it and immediately makes you want to go home and start cooking.

olive oil and condiments in Feast

2) London’s Bathecary: I hadn’t been here during my last trip, but it was right across from where we parked.  It’s incredible!  The best selection that I have seen (outside of London obviously) of high end UK (and some American) lotions, candles, shampoos, make up, etc.  They carry multiple lines, including Molton Brown, Roget and Gallet, Taylor of London, Caswell Massey.

3) Novel: Novel was a great preppy find:  wonderful stationary, totes, picture frames etc.  I picked up some cute whale stationary.

4) O’Suzannah: Right beside Novel…this store had moved since we had last been to Charlottesville, so it took us awhile to find.  They have become a bit more baby centric, but it’s still a great find even if you don’t have children:  wonderful towels, stationary, pictures, pillows, scarves.  A Very eclectic collection of designers.

5) New Dominion Bookshop: We have been talking (on and off!) about this wonderful bookstore since our last visit to Charlottesville.  A HUGE selection of books and the bookstore has that rare ability/atmosphere that makes you want to buy 5-10 books and then go camp out a coffee shop for a week (or a week) reading them.  I especially like their rack of ‘Booker Awards’, ‘National Book Awards’ and ‘Pulitizers’:  good for easy browsing.

There are other wonderful stores and restaurants but those are my favorites from the trip! 🙂


Sunhee Moon October 22, 2008

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This post is LONG overdue.

Way back in March when we were in San Francisco wandering around the Pacific Heights neighborhood, we went into Sunhee Moon, a store with 4 locations in San Francisco.  I think I went into the store because of a fantastic shirt dress I saw from the window.  Anyways, once I went in, I liked nearly everything.  The clothes are simple and classic, which I prefer, with one funky/different element thrown in, be it a belt, the neck line, etc.

I was on their website today and I still love all of their shirt dresses, especially this one, with the great belt!

The website is fun to explore:  they have both a sketch book and a blog.


Tabletop October 20, 2008

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Tabletop is a wonderful store in Dupont Circle.  When I’m around the Dupont/Logan Circle area, I’m usually on the other side of the street, and so I hadn’t been in until this weekend.  The store feels like a Modern Economy sale.  I think I loved nearly everything in the store.

It’s two stories and there is a mix of designers and items:  obviously things for the tabletop:  Jonathan Adler vases, plates, Modern Twist placemats; Snow and Graham paper and candles; a HUGE selection of Marimekko (:)) and some fantastic pieces I hadn’t seen before.

I definitely say that this one stop shopping for nearly anyone on your gift list:  between the jewelry and watches, the bags, the rugs, the picture frames, and all of the house goods.  I’m looking forward to going back!  Here are a few pictures I snapped.

Adorable Frame

Adorable Frame

Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Snow and Graham Candles

Snow and Graham Candles


Baked and Wired October 16, 2008

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I do most of my Food posts on Yelp (but maybe I’ll change that!)…but I have to post about Baked and Wired!

It is perhaps the most wonderful spot in DC for a coffee/tea/baked good.  No…not perhaps:  it is.

Located down by the C and O Canal in Georgetown, the space is sleek and trendy, but also welcoming.  When you go in, the whole place is hardwood and split in half, at first.  On the right side are the drinks:  amazing tea, coffee, and coffee typed drinks (as well as some loafs).  On the left side the fun continues or really happens, depending on your perspective!  Rows of cupcakes and cookies.  Absolutely to die for combinations and flavors.  The cupcakes are more like cake because of the cake’s density.  The frosting is some of the best I’ve ever had.

I love anything pumpkin related and their pumpkin spice cupcake really fulfilled all of my expectations!

Here’s a snap shot from my fiancee’s iPhone (so, it doesn’t do it justice!).

After you order,  you go down a few steps to a 2-part seating area.  If the weather is nice, I’d just recommend going out and sitting by the canal.  A truly cheery observation!!


Paper N Stitch October 14, 2008

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I came across a new site (to me) tonight! 🙂

Paper N Stitch is a website that compiles/has a collection of talented designers.  There are links to each designers’ work, as well as as a blog and a ‘best of’ page of products.

The designs run the gamut from jewelry to wall art to scarves to note cards.  Incredibly unique and I’m already looking forward to doing some Christmas shopping courtesy of this website!

Here are a few of my minds, after just looking in a 5 minute period:

From Shira Sela, an artist and illustrator, I found these ‘Writing to you’ notecards, which are quite sweet.

From Modern Radar, I found these wonderful dancing cupcakes cards!  I love cupcakes!!!

I will post a few more finds tomorrow!