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Special, Affordable Jewelry December 1, 2008

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I am picky about jewelry. I don’t like anything overly flashy or too large, but it’s hard to define what I like. Something that is slightly different, yet will work with a lot of different outfits.
A strand of pearls works well with many kinds of outfits: a button down, a strapless dress, a turtleneck, etc. I found this unique twist on a pearl necklace recently from Simple Element’s Design. By having just 5 pearls off a chain, it’s simple and perhaps more ‘fun’ than usual. I think the drape of the pearls is quite elegant.

I also really like this turquoise necklace. It is a stunning color! Double strands frequently feel too heavy or bulky to me/on me, so I like the way this necklace is a modified double-strand. It won’t weigh down the neck, but still has the nice effect of a double loop.


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