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New Website Address July 7, 2009

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My blog and all of its posts have moved to:

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Moutoux Orchards

Moutoux Orchards


I’m in Love… February 16, 2009

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With this bike (fittingly a red one, so a very appropriate post-Valentine’s Day post!)


I am slowly starting to bike ride again.  There are several factors I am fighting against right now:  1)  I don’t have a bike of my own and 2) I can’t afford a bike of my own.  Luckily, Big Wheel Bikes rents them out, so I can’t complain too much.  However, eventually, I can picture myself riding this very bike around town.  I’m not sure what ‘town’ that is, as several pictures pop into my mind:  a fall day in New England; a busy NYC street; a DC bike trail on the way to Mount Vernon.  I’d be happy with any of those scenarios becoming areality!  Bike riding is invigorating:  the wind in your hair; being able to see scenery in a quicker way than walking (which I also enjoy) while not being trapped inside a car; stopping for a picnic along the way; exploring off the beaten path neighborhoods.


I found this bike from a link to another Velorbis bike from Megan’s Pink to Green Blog.

I’m thrilled I did, as it is now officially the bike I would love to save up for (provided that after I test ride it I still like it, of course!)

Why do I like this bike?  Let me count the ways 😉

1) Its Maker:  Velorbis of Copenhagen:  The fact that it’s Danish inspired (and Danish tested and Danish used and loved) might have really been the only thing necessary to win me over (I did do further research, however!).  It’s a Danish bike company (with the bikes being produced in Germany).

2)  Its functionality:  The bike has been reviewed as being very comfortable for long or short bike rides.  It also comes with a saddle bag and a basket.  Its upright design seems like it would work well for sight seeing and taking ‘it all in’.  It is also lightweight enough to move around easily.

3)  Its visual appeal:  a sturdy, sleek, and eye popping design.  The bike becomes more than an accessory.  I imagine this is how people feel about certain kinds of cars.


There is only one distributer in the US who sells this bike  (The Dutch Bicycle Company in Somerville, MA).  I am planning on giving it a test ride when I am up in the Boston area in April and I can’t wait!