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Happy Halloween! Etsy Finds November 1, 2008

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A selection of fun Fall finds from Etsy. From pinklilypress‘ Etsy shop:  pumpkin notecards! From photographer Rob Eastman, a stunning capture of fall leaves on a winding road (in Georgia): I thought this was an amusing, Halloween appropriate, t-shirt:  Ben Franklinstein, from Mis Nopales Art Happy Halloween, Happy Fall…onto  Thanksgiving!!


Nice Capture of the Washington Monument October 10, 2008

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While reading a DC blog, I came across a similiar picture to the one I’m posting and went to Andertho’s Flickr site.

I am incredibly impressed with both the color and the variety of interesting images in his portfolio.  He takes some truly stunning pictures of DC.  I’ve seen a lot of Washington Monument shots, but never one quite like this! The clouds are spectacular and I love how the bottom third of the monument is illuminated in light.


Cute Picture September 17, 2008

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I’m dealing with a screaming cat right now–we’ve been out all day and she’s upset.  I thought this picture was nice to look at–it’s what our cat does when she’s not so upset!

This picture is from Apartment Therapy New York.  The chair’s great too!

Cute cat, great sun, nice chair

Cute cat, great sun, nice chair


Rain September 8, 2008

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I will be the first to say that rainy days can depress me.  Where’s the sun?!  When’s it coming back?!  Seattle would never work for me.  But my fiancee showed me a link to some of the most stunning photos of rain that I’ve ever seen.

So the next time I wake up, stumble out of bed, and curse the rain, I’ll have to think of these spectacular shots.