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Making a Necessary Errand ‘Greener’ June 25, 2009

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Oh, dry cleaning.  Every time I pick up clothes from the drycleaner, I wince.  Not just because of the bill—the bill I can ‘stomach’, most of the time.  It’s the waste:  horrible wire hangers, each item individually bagged.  Bags that are unusable in another form, except as a ‘must be supervised toy’ for my cat.  She loves dry cleaning bags, but I am not in agreement!  The frustrating thing about most dry cleaners is that even if you take something in to be tailored-not dry cleaned-it ends up in a plastic bag.

I am planning on purchasing a ‘Dry Greening’ tote and then convincing my dry cleaner to use it.  The purchasing is the easy part; the convincing might take a bit more work!

The totes are sturdy, water-repellant, and ultimately recyclable (when they wear out, of course).
dry cleaning tote
So, you put your articles of clothing in the bag, drop it off at the dry cleaner, and then in theory, the dry cleaner flips the tote inside out into a bag.   Happy customer, happy environment?  One can certainly write an entire article on why dry cleaning is bad for the environment.  However, when something has to be dry cleaned, this can at least alleviate a bit of waste.  It’s not an earth shattering step, but progress comes from each individual making small adjustments.


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