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The Ultimate Play with your Food Accessory May 27, 2009

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While browsing the internet, tied up in a meeting and not able to leave, I have food on the brain:  I’m starving!  I came across these plates from Pop Deluxe.  These plates are touted for children, but I think they’d be a riot when I’m not trying to impress or eating my once-a-week meal of chicken tenders, mac&cheese, and peas (which is very much a toddler meal!).  The faces remind me of the characters out of ‘Guess Who?’.


I can see these working well with children who have a) already learned proper mealtime behavior and b) need to be creative in everything they do.  Or of course the kid who won’t eat, UNLESS they can play with their food (leading to problems in future school cafeterias, but we don’t have to tackle that one!).


One Response to “The Ultimate Play with your Food Accessory”

  1. Devon Says:

    They featured this in the latest Parents magazine. They said it was a great idea for finicky eaters (like Jackson) because it makes food fun. “Make sure you eat the eyebrows! (green beans)”. I don’t think Jackson is stupid enough to fall for it. A veggie is a veggie and he won’t eat it no matter what. I on the other hand, would have fun designing his meals on it, haha.

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