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Method: Environmentally Appealing March 29, 2009

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Method products capture the best of both worlds:  their products are environmentally friendly AND well designed.  I try to seek out those two factors in my purchases:  environmentally friendly for obvious reasons and design because it captures my eye.   I’m a lover of well done typography, and realistically, good design of an environmentally friendly product should inspire more people to see it, buy it, and use it.  The same product packaged in a bland way will not generate as much consumer interest.  Maybe that’s a shame, but humans inherently seek out the visually appealing.


I really want to commend Method for understanding this.  Their products are amazing because the company seems to ‘get’ what consumers want.  Consumers want a unique visual appearance;  they want a variety of easily accessible and understandable options; most consumers will say that they DO want a product that’s environmentally friendly.  Realistically, if someone else is already doing the work for us in terms of making sure their products are made with natural ingredients, the easiest thing we can do is buy and use these products.

Every Method product is made from renewable and/or abundant natural resources; their products are designed to minimize water and energy consumption, both from how they are made and from how most of their products are bottled in concentrated form, leading to smaller bottles and less waste.

Method has recently been named a ‘Cradle to Cradle’ company, meaning that they are nationally recognized for being a green and sustainable company as a whole (in production and product).

I wanted to highlight a few of my go-to products.  Method (along with Mrs. Meyers) has taken over my entire array of cleaning supplies.

Dish Soap and Hand Soap:  I love the Lavender and Grapefruit Scents
method 1

Fabric Softener and Laundry Detergent:  We’ve recently been using the the ‘Squeaky Green’ Laundry Detergent and Dryer Cloths.
Method 2

Bathroom Wipes and All Purpose Wipes:  The bathroom wipes are heaven-sent when one has a cat who makes everything a mess!  The all purpose wipes are wonderful for counter tops, yoga mats, or dusting (again, partial to lavender!)
Method 3


2 Responses to “Method: Environmentally Appealing”

  1. kj Says:

    I love Method soaps! My mom just bought four cases of them through via amazon. Greencupboards has even a broader selection of eco-friendly household cleaners, though, and is running a sale right now under the “specials” section. I absolutely love these green cleaners. . . and a bonus, they all smell great!

  2. meaghin Says:

    Thanks for the link! I agree–between Method’s Lavender scent and Mrs. Meyer’s Geranium, I don’t need candles 🙂

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