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Russell and Hazel Helps Keep My Life Sane March 14, 2009

Filed under: stationary — meaghin @ 3:57 pm

Life has become incredibly busy as of late, between my current job, scouting out for a new job (and possible new city), and wedding planning.  So, I always want to post new ‘cheery observations’, but I sadly often run out of time.

One designer/paper maker/wonder that I credit for helping keep me organized in all of my undertakings is:  Russell and Hazel.  Upon first seeing their products at The Container Store, I knew I was in for a productive treat.  Their crisp lines and products illustrate exactly what I need to stay organized.  The item that I use the most is their desk top calendar.  This calendar is wonderful–it allows me to write EVERYTHING:  Month, Date, Notes (and not be confined by a traditional calendar’s system.  For example if I want to make 2 blocks into 1 day, if it’s an especially busy day, I can.)   It’s a blank canvas, and I use it accordingly.  I’ve learned to mostly write things in pencil, as ‘to do’s’ seem to be in a constant state of flux.


Another item of theirs that I use on a daily basis at work is their Self-Adhesive Numbered Note Pads.  The fact that the numbers are built in helps to focus my wildly formulating ‘to dos’ into a bit more of a cohesive system.  It has 15 lines and a circle to check off when you complete an item.  The 15 line format is wonderful for someone like me–I’ve been known to make 30 plus to do lists, which can become the opposite of helpful!


Finally, I don’t own these, but I appreciate the concept:  12 months–a pad per month– of the daily adhesive notes I mentioned above.



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