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Appealing, Affordable Illustrations January 25, 2009

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I believe these two artists would both fall under the category of ‘affordable, unique artwork’.  They were found on completely separate web searches, but have similar styles and themes.

Sandra Juto is an illustrator from Sweden.  Her images are cheerful and whimsical.  They remind me of a less trippy ‘Yellow Submarine’.  I like her color palette (rusty hues) and her uncluttered approach to her illustrations.    In ‘Rain’ her people look like happy paper dolls.  I don’t know if there’s a story behind ‘Adolf’, but I see a sad marionette-type figure wondering what is going to happen next.


Blanca Gomez is an illustrator from Spain.  Instead of rusty hues, she uses bright primary colors.  She also has a ‘Rain’ picture, with the sole character rejoicing in the rain in her own way.  Unlike Juto’s, Gomez’ rain is the colored part of the illustration.  And one of her individual men differs greatly from ‘Adolf’.  The object over this man’s head is not a rain cloud but rather, a bunch of overly large, bright balloons.  The expression on the man’s face is not one of bewilderment, but instead one of contentment.


Despite their differences, both illustrators’ folk art approaches are quite appealing!


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