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While in Boston… January 19, 2009

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We spent a wonderful week in the Boston area over Christmas: we divided our time between Plymouth, Needham, and Boston, and also took a day trip to Providence. There are two stores that I’ve been wanting to write about since returning!

Bob’s Your Uncle is a “Boston Based wholesale gift and greeting card company founded by Martin and Michele Yeeles in 2001.” Their passion seems to gravitate toward bold fonts and graphics on everyday items such as file folders, luggage tags, and list makers (the latter being right up my alley!).

I was drawn to the ‘Out, In, Limbo’ file folders and could especially see myself filling up the ‘Limbo’ folder.


I also liked the length of the ‘(too much) To Do; list pad. I’ve found that when I’m making ‘to do’ lists I have to write and rewrite them because they invariably become much bigger than planned and I end up writing things sidewise to squeeze them in. I don’t think I would run into that problem with this notepad.


Bowl and Board is a New England housewares chain that I explored in Providence and Brookline. I appreciated wandering the store and finding both the familiar (Oxo, Umbra, the entire Thymes line ) and unique (funky shower curtains and pottery). It seems like a great place to go to add a splash of fun to your pad, be it this Toothbrush Holder:


These napkin rings:


Or these ‘Pushing Bookends’:


I do enjoy stores like Crate and Barrel, but I am a true believer that stores like Bowl and Board should exist and be supported:   our homes should be  a reflection of us as individuals and it’s frustrating when one can’t find products to reflect that individuality. Bowl and Board helps!


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