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Reindeer December 3, 2008

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Here are a few reindeer decorations I’ve found from three ‘go to’ kitchen and housewares chains (all of which I enjoy!).

The first is from Sur La Table:  a small reindeer votive.  It’s simple and would look cute on a mantle or table, just as a casual decoration.


The second is from Crate and Barrel:  I look at them in the window everytime I go to the gym.  They come in three different sizes and look festive when paired together.  I can picture them on a front porch, by a fireplace, or in the front hall of a house.


Finally, I like these twig reindeer from Pottery Barn.  They bring a modern edge to Christmas decorations, with the branch-like qualities of the reindeer.  Each one is unique and can come in a bronze or silver finish.   This would be an especially nice decoration in a modern house or loft, above the fireplace.



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