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Etsy: Bailey Doesn’t Bark November 21, 2008

Filed under: housewares — meaghin @ 6:59 pm

I like to do a bi-weekly browse through Etsy, just clicking amongst various sites without any sort of order to the clicking.  Occasionally I will search a tag word like stationary or something, but more often than not, I just click on a store and look around and then click on their favorite stores and then after awhile it’s hard to figure out where I started.

Hence how I stumbled upon ‘Bailey Doesn’t Bark‘.  This store is full of lovely hand painted mugs and plates.  The designs are quite sweet, especially this ‘Sleeping Supporters’ mug (and plate) with two birds intermingled and at peace.


Even though there are no expressions on their faces (and the fact that they are birds!) I think this series would a wonderful gift to a loved one or as an anniversary present, signifying the reliance and sense of calm that comes from a strong relationship.

I also like the ‘4 Seasons’ mini painted cups.  I tend to enjoy takes on the ‘Four Seasons’ (be it Vivaldi, Thomas Cole’s rendition, or the numerous sculptures, notecards, or jewelry done on the subject).  Like the other work in this store, this particular homage to the Four Seasons is simple:  the point is made in an effortless and minimalist way.  The summer cup is wonderful, with the bird flying in the distance and a tree completely in bloom.

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

Close Up of Summer

Close Up of Summer


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