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Emmo Home November 20, 2008

Filed under: housewares — meaghin @ 11:17 pm

Emmo Home sells modern products for all areas of living:  kitchen, bath, office, kids, fun.  These objects vary between unique, strange, and funky without seeming to sacrifice any functionality.  I am a big fan of products that go beyond the typical and here are a few of my favorite finds:

Sugar Bowl:
Nice, elegant sugar bowls:  many wonderful shops sell them and I’ve found plenty that I like.  Of course I don’t end up using my sugar bowl much, so it’s basically a decorative piece.  This is not elegant!  And that’s okay…I think this sugar bowl could be used as that one ‘off-the-wall’ element in a really trendy kitchen.  I’m picturing stainless steel appliances and granite countertops with sleek cabinets and red knobs.  And then this funky monkey.

Cotton Swabs:

I love having apothecary jars to hold various necessary items.  But if those items are for a kids’ bathroom, why not something that’s not breakable and resembles a shy little alien?  Sounds good to me!

Cat Bowl:
If I could justify dropping $80 on my cat, I’d splurge for this cat bowl (but sorry, Kate, that’s not happening!).  Nonetheless, I love this piece.  The tail makes it easy to move around and it just seems so much better than boring bowls on the floor.  And probably less easy to accidently kick, spilling water and food everywhere (that only happens twice a day!).


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