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Charlottesville, VA October 26, 2008

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We took a day trip down to Charlottesville yesterday.  Despite the pouring rain (which finally let up around 4 pm!) we had a wonderful time!


Charlottesville is a wonderful gem in mid-state Virginia, home to UVA, a gorgeous walking street, and nestled amongst stunning mountain vistas, that contain both Montpelier and Monticello, as well as
numerous hiking trails and wineries.  We just did a day trip, so we wandered around the campus and the walking street, with plans to go back for a longer amount of time in the spring.

I hadn’t been to the town in awhile and it was wonderful to pop into stores that I remembered and new stores too.

Some of my favorites include:

1)  Feast:  an organic market, flower shop, kitchen store, and restaurant (Orzo) that has a spectacular selection of wines and farm to table foods.  We picked up some olive oil and a few kitchen goods.  It has a nice, peaceful market feel to it and immediately makes you want to go home and start cooking.

olive oil and condiments in Feast

2) London’s Bathecary: I hadn’t been here during my last trip, but it was right across from where we parked.  It’s incredible!  The best selection that I have seen (outside of London obviously) of high end UK (and some American) lotions, candles, shampoos, make up, etc.  They carry multiple lines, including Molton Brown, Roget and Gallet, Taylor of London, Caswell Massey.

3) Novel: Novel was a great preppy find:  wonderful stationary, totes, picture frames etc.  I picked up some cute whale stationary.

4) O’Suzannah: Right beside Novel…this store had moved since we had last been to Charlottesville, so it took us awhile to find.  They have become a bit more baby centric, but it’s still a great find even if you don’t have children:  wonderful towels, stationary, pictures, pillows, scarves.  A Very eclectic collection of designers.

5) New Dominion Bookshop: We have been talking (on and off!) about this wonderful bookstore since our last visit to Charlottesville.  A HUGE selection of books and the bookstore has that rare ability/atmosphere that makes you want to buy 5-10 books and then go camp out a coffee shop for a week (or a week) reading them.  I especially like their rack of ‘Booker Awards’, ‘National Book Awards’ and ‘Pulitizers’:  good for easy browsing.

There are other wonderful stores and restaurants but those are my favorites from the trip! 🙂


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