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Baked and Wired October 16, 2008

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I do most of my Food posts on Yelp (but maybe I’ll change that!)…but I have to post about Baked and Wired!

It is perhaps the most wonderful spot in DC for a coffee/tea/baked good.  No…not perhaps:  it is.

Located down by the C and O Canal in Georgetown, the space is sleek and trendy, but also welcoming.  When you go in, the whole place is hardwood and split in half, at first.  On the right side are the drinks:  amazing tea, coffee, and coffee typed drinks (as well as some loafs).  On the left side the fun continues or really happens, depending on your perspective!  Rows of cupcakes and cookies.  Absolutely to die for combinations and flavors.  The cupcakes are more like cake because of the cake’s density.  The frosting is some of the best I’ve ever had.

I love anything pumpkin related and their pumpkin spice cupcake really fulfilled all of my expectations!

Here’s a snap shot from my fiancee’s iPhone (so, it doesn’t do it justice!).

After you order,  you go down a few steps to a 2-part seating area.  If the weather is nice, I’d just recommend going out and sitting by the canal.  A truly cheery observation!!


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