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Crafty Bastards ‘Finds’ September 29, 2008

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We braved the elements on Sunday and headed over to Adams Morgan to Crafty Bastards.  The weather was pure hell:  alternating between sunburn sunny and monsoon like conditions.  Despite THAT, we found some wonderful things, which I’ll link to.

I picked up a pair of earrings from Face Metal Design.  Their website doesn’t seem to be completely up and ready yet unfortunately.

I fell in love with this particular store:  Charlie and Sarah.  It’s a really cool British preppy fusion thing:  their t-shirts, note cards and totes are great and full of those lovely British words:  wellies, pram, lolly, brolly.  I will be purchasing a few things from their Etsy site I think 🙂

My fiancee enjoyed the t-shirts from Squidfire and picked up a few.

Please note:  the model is not my fiancee 😀


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