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Timothy Paul Bedding and Home September 20, 2008

We spent today wandering around the Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, and U Street corridor.  Everytime we go into that part of DC, we ALWAYS say: ‘oooh I wish we lived here’.  If only it wasn’t so pricey.  It has a lot of what I’m looking for in terms of a neighborhood:  old architecture, tree-lined streets, great restaurants, interesting stores, and accessibility to multiple neighborhoods and public transportation.  Not to mention a wonderful variety of people.

Anyways, ‘interesting stores’ is the topic of my post tonight.  We stopped into ‘Timothy Paul Bedding and Home’ today.  Their website isn’t fully up yet, so one can’t get a good idea of their products. But, the designs and quality of their bedding (duvet covers and pillows!), rugs, and furniture was pretty spectacular.  We saw at least 2 duvet covers we wanted and a rustic kitchen table.  I’ll link up to a decent picture I found of the store and to the store’s website, because ideally it will be up and running soon.


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