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Several Wonderful Bathrooms September 16, 2008

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While poking around a few different websites, I came across several stunning bathrooms.  They are stunning for very different reasons, but I could definitely see myself as happy with any of them, depending on the structure and style of the rest of the house.

The first is from Taylor Hannah’s work.

The bathroom looks incredibly peaceful:  the blue paint and dark floors perfectly complement each other.  I also like how the sink is set back into the wall, creating one clean line.



The second bathroom was photographed by Donna Griffith Photography.

If you go on her website, you’ll be able to see both her beautiful photography and other stunning interiors.

very sleek

very sleek

Finally, I had seen a picture of this particular house on a few design websites.  I stumbled upon a photographer’s website and a stunning picture of the house’s bathroom.  Like the two previously, it’s quite peaceful–but also rustic.  I can smell fresh flowers and crisp air when I look at the picture of the house and bathroom.  Here is the photographer’s website.



The dog has the right idea!

The dog has the right idea!


3 Responses to “Several Wonderful Bathrooms”

  1. qcpassok Says:

    really …um…. luxury !
    keeps people jealousssss X|| .

  2. Outstanding site, where did you come up with the information in this blog? I’m glad I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

  3. meaghin Says:

    Hi Dante,

    Thank you! I moved my site to in the summer of 2009 and update pretty consistently! Check it out and thanks for the comment!

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